Saba Villingen 125 repair

The radio of this article, which was part of our collection, was found time ago in a flea market in Northern Europe, still in great conditions, no scratches on the paint, with the metal parts well polished, but had to wait some time waiting for our restoration.

The radio was a Villingen 125 from the famous German maker Saba (about which we already spoke, about the restoration of one of the famous automatic tuning radios, a Meersburg Automatic 8), dating back to 1960/61: technically, it is a super-heterodyne with 5 tubes including magic eye (ECC85 ECH81 EBF89 ECL82 EM84), two diods and selenium rectifier E250/C85, able to receive standard broadcast, long waves, short waves and FM.

Unlike other radios restored recently, in a great shape and apparently without any major problem, but with several unexpected faults at the end, the radio of this article wasn’t too hard to be restored.

After a general cleanup, at first glance it was clear that the tuning cord was torn and a new one had to be put in place (in Radiomuseum this model is well documented and there is also the schematic for installing the cord).

Critical capacitors were already made with plastic as dielectric, so no replacement was necessary for a reliable operation of the radio.

After replacing the magic eye EM84, very weak, the radio was finally fully working and nearly like new. Radio Saba Villingen

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